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Aluminum Carport

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Your car deserves a Ballew's aluminum carport. Shelter your car or boat from rain, hail, snow, and blistering heat. Ballew's carports are made from aluminum, custom cut to the size that fits your needs. Our aluminum carports have the handsome baked-on finish as well as the strength of aluminum to give you beauty, durability, and minimal maintenance cost.

  • Our Flat Pan Covers are also great for patio covers and covered walkways.
  • Engineered to meet all standards
  • Customized for your home
  • Adds beautiful additions to your home at very economical prices
  • Many color combinations to choose from
  • Beauty, rugged construction, maintenance free, clean line design

INSULATED ROOMSalumimum sunroom

Ballew's Aluminum Products, Inc. has developed the most installer-friendly room on the market. It is crafted with top quality aluminum extrusions and vinyl windows to create a 3" room system that has an unbeatable color match and is virtually no maintenance.Ballew’s Freedom Glass Sunroom gives you the Freedom to enjoy the outoors all year long!


  • Vinyl insulated clear, tempered, horizontal sliding windows complete with screens and low-e glass .
  • Windows, transoms, and sidelights come with AAMA certification.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Inside removable fiberglass screens to simplify cleaning.
  • Interlocking meeting rails to seal out the elements.
  • Adjustable brass rollers to provide trouble-free operation.

Wall Components

  • Carefully painted to match the vinyl windows.
  • All extrusions have a thermal break that inhibits heat or cold transfer.
  • Extra wide space in electrical raceways makes for easy installation of boxes and receptacles.
  • Wall panels are 3" polystyrene filled with cedar or stucco masonite on both sides.
  • Male h-studs available if pre-building is desired.
  • Wall panels are 3" thick polystyrene with a flame retardant vinyl covering on both sides.


Ballew's Aluminum Products, Inc. offers three different styles of no maintenance screen room systems. The first is the traditional style with a continuous kickplate. The second is a slotted style with individual kickplate panels in each section of the screen room system, and the third is a pickett style which will provide a more open view while still meeting building code. 

These lineals are extruded aluminum 6063 T6 minimum wall thickness .040 and are available in white, bronze, and ivory. Ballew's offers an 18" x 14" charcoal fiberglass mesh in widths from 36 in. to 84 in., as well as the flat spline needed for assembly. 

Screen doors are pre-hung for easy installation and are available in white, ivory, and bronze - complete with hardware. 

Screen Room Features:

Traditional (lineals) 
Slotted (lineals) 
Pickett Style 
Pool Cages


Ballew's walkway covers and overhead canopies feature total aluminum construction with simple clean lines and pleasant appearance. The appearance blends in and will compliment any facility. The gutter system is designed to transport and dispose of water very rapidly.
Architects and installers can rely on a proven, quality product from an industry leader in aluminum fabrication. Custom designs are available depending on your project specifications.
Some example applications include:
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Loading docks
  • Parking areas
  • Airports
Ballew's Features:
Walkway Covers 
Patio Covers 
Overhead Marquees


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Colors are approximate. Please contact us for real 

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Colors are approximate. Please contact us for real color samples.

gutter and valance.
3” Fascia Trim
3” Fascia Trim
3” Wall Header 3” Wall Header
Roll-Form Valance
Roll-Form Gutter
• Underside view is flat with ribs approximately every 2” and 
is preferred over corrugated systems. Looks very much like 
tongue and groove planks.
• Both of our mounted gutter systems have less area to clog and 
are more accessible for cleaning than w-pan gutter. Rollform gutter and valance are available in cedar embossed and 
smooth finishes. For added strength and durability, choose 
extruded gutter and valance.
• Gutter braces provided standard with each order to support 
both the extruded and roll-form gutters.
• Patio cover can be 
enclosed and insulation 
can be retrofitted to 
unit at the time of 
construction or later, 
using the Insulator Pan System. 
Adding insulation to other patio systems reduces head room 
under the cover, produces inconsistent temperatures, and 
requires bug plugs which constantly pop out of place.
• Rich baked-on finish is available in smooth and cedarembossed in various colors. This aluminum roof system is 
very low maintenance, only requiring an occasional lightpressure wash to rinse off dirt and debris.
• Custom rolled to exact lengths from 4’10” to 30’. 
• Attaches easily to any structure.
• Pans are boxed on one end to help prevent wind blown water 
from entering wall header.
• Roof pitches as low as 1/2” per foot.
• Smooth and level surface both top and bottom. No cavity areas 
to hold debris as in other patio roof systems.
• The continuous insulated foam interface makes the design of 
the panel extremely energy efficient. Temperatures underneath 
the cover are dramatically reduced. Built-in insulation makes 
converting to a screen or glass enclosure quick and easy.
• The aluminum skins of the Snap-N-Lock™ panel are machine 
rolled to form a unique locking system that simply snaps 
together. Sealant is encased in the joint, protecting it from 
ultraviolet destruction and forming a waterproof seal.
• Foam acts as a thermal break between metal skins at the seam 
eliminating condensation problems inherent in other systems.
• Several color selections are available with a stucco or cedar 
embossed baked-enamel finish. This aluminum roof system is 
very low maintenance, only requiring an occasional light pressure 
wash to rinse off dirt and debris.
• Both the extruded fascia and gutter have a built-in drip channel 
that allows water to escape easily. Covers are available with fascia 
trim completely around the perimeter or gutter along the front 
and valance on sides.
• Adapts easily to any structure, installs quickly and easily and 
offers a great deal of design flexibility.
• Extensive and rigid testing ensures that the Snap-N-Lock™ panels 
can withstand winds as high as 150 m.p.h., support loads up to 
72 lbs. per sq. ft. and exceed industry fire standards.
• Walkway covers utilizing the Snap-N-Lock™ roof system with our 
gutter, post and beam components are an affordable and durable 
alternative to expensive extruded-roof walkway systems.
• With this sealed system, 
roof pitches as low as 1/4” 
per foot can be achieved.
• Optional skylights, 
electrical chaseways 
and fan beams.
• 10-year manufacturer’s 
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