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• Smooth and level surface both top and bottom. No cavity areas 
to hold debris as in other patio roof systems.
• The continuous insulated foam interface makes the design of 
the panel extremely energy efficient. Temperatures underneath 
the cover are dramatically reduced. Built-in insulation makes 
converting to a screen or glass enclosure quick and easy.
• The aluminum skins of the Snap-N-Lock™ panel are machine 
rolled to form a unique locking system that simply snaps 
together. Sealant is encased in the joint, protecting it from 
ultraviolet destruction and forming a waterproof seal.
• Foam acts as a thermal break between metal skins at the seam 
eliminating condensation problems inherent in other systems.
• Several color selections are available with a stucco or cedar 
embossed baked-enamel finish. This aluminum roof system is 
very low maintenance, only requiring an occasional light pressure 
wash to rinse off dirt and debris.
• Both the extruded fascia and gutter have a built-in drip channel 
that allows water to escape easily. Covers are available with fascia 
trim completely around the perimeter or gutter along the front 
and valance on sides.
• Adapts easily to any structure, installs quickly and easily and 
offers a great deal of design flexibility.
• Extensive and rigid testing ensures that the Snap-N-Lock™ panels 
can withstand winds as high as 150 m.p.h., support loads up to 
72 lbs. per sq. ft. and exceed industry fire standards.
• Walkway covers utilizing the Snap-N-Lock™ roof system with our 
gutter, post and beam components are an affordable and durable 
alternative to expensive extruded-roof walkway systems.
• With this sealed system, 
roof pitches as low as 1/4” 
per foot can be achieved.
• Optional skylights, 
electrical chaseways 
and fan beams.
• 10-year manufacturer’s